Rise of the RawAfrican Queens: How Three Women Built a Successful Beauty Brand in Egypt!

Rise of the RawAfrican Queens: How Three Women Built a Successful Beauty Brand in Egypt!

Have you ever wondered how a small group of women can achieve so much in such a short time? The inspiring story of RawAfrican may offer some clues. This company, founded by four women who started with raw shea butter, has accomplished remarkable things in just five years. Beginning with sales to family and friends under the brand name Raw African, the women went on to develop eco-friendly, chemical-free products for Egyptian hair and skin.

In 2017, they began taking courses to perfect their organic and clean formulas. By 2018, they were selling their products, and in 2019, they obtained a license from the Ministry of Health. By 2021, they had opened three branches around Egypt. The four women, a mother and her daughters, began the project with just 500 pounds. Yasmine and Dalia came from financial backgrounds, while Nehad and Dina were homemakers. They took care of everything, including packaging, marketing, and sourcing their products. Despite the challenges they faced, they managed to hold on and grow their business.

The idea for RawAfrican emerged from a desire to create hair and skin products that worked for their children's curly hair. They began with a shea butter mask, then developed a maya mask when shea butter didn't work for Dina's daughter Maya. They continued to work on their formulas until they had a range of green hair and skin care products that included scrubs, lotions, serums, and creams. Their best-selling product, the follicle booster, was inspired by Yasmine's experience with hair fall during pregnancy.

The women credit their success to their ambition and passion, but they also recognize the importance of a strong support system. They are committed to supporting women as they were supported, and they work primarily with women in creating their products. RawAfrican began in Egypt, but their products will soon be shipped worldwide. This is an inspiring story of how a small group of women can achieve great things through passion, ambition, and the ability to grow and develop.